Software Engineer

Tackling challenging problems and building cool things


Officially, I'm a software engineer in NYC that builds and mantains web applications. However, what I actually do is put out fires, make cool things, improve the knowledge of current and future developers, and provide a great experience to users. Programming appeals to me because I can take an abstract idea and turn it into a product that other people can use, and everyday has the possiblity of bring on new challenges.

Outside of work, you can find me making delicious and unique dishes. My favorite things to cook include liquid nitrogen ice cream, duck prosciutto, butterbeer, and homemade tofu. Like programming, I like the challenge and creativity that cooking allows. I also have a variety of programming projects that I work on to play around with new technologies and APIs.



  • Pet Time

    Pet Time is application I creating to bring people joy through cute animals. Each day, users receive a new curated animal image and quote via text message. The application is built using Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Twilio, React, and Stripe.

  • Programming 101

    Programming 101 is an online school that I created to teach new programmers to code. The first course in the school is called Coding Bootcamp Prep. The course contains 6+ hours of video content and 100+ lectures on JavaScript to help students get admitted to the bootcamp of their choice.